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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

When I decided to put the "Picture of the month" into the Web, I never thought that it would be accessed so often. With some of the Narizin articles I sent some other pictures to the server. The next step was to collect all the pictures in a gallery. Enter the individual sections by clicking on the pictures.

Picture of the month
Picture of the Month

50 Jahre 2CV
Die Chronik des Hollareithulliöh von 1975 bis heute.

Personal Collections
Personal Collections Come and see the cars of OECC members

Raid Australia 2004: Picture Collection
Impressions of Raid Australia #5 by Hannes & Evi. A detailed story about this adventrure can be found at www.oecc.at/entenreisen/

Pictures at an exhibition: obsolete Advent calendars and other things.
Obsolete Advent calendars and other things. By SLOTEN

50th birthday of the 2CV at St.Quentin en Yvelines
50 Jahre 2CV
For all who couldn't participate in the birthday of the year at St.Quentin en Yvelines SLOTEN made a picture gallery of this really impressive event.

2CV paintings of an Austrian artist
Visit the gallery of the "Neunkirchner Entennest" and enjoy the beautiful paintings.

Cease of a 2CV's life
Ami 6
Martin wrote beautiful article about cars put aside, "Weggelegte Autos", in our Narizin. Here are some pictures I used to illustrate his article.

Tryane I and II
Tryane II
For me the Tryane II is the most fascinating car I ever saw. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Impressions of Raid Morocco 1994
Where the streats have no name
In summer 1994 we joined the 2CV revival cruise. Come inside and get some impressions of what its like driving to Morocco in a 2CV.

Winter in Austria
Snow, Snow and a 2CV
Do You know what Winter can be in Austria ? Put your warm coat on and have a look.

An exhibition of pictures taken by Zedi
Caban Foto von Zedi
Stefan Zedlacher in Graz likes to take B/W pictures and develops the prints in the lab of the university.

The erotic 2CV Calendar 2006
The 2CV Club Pinzgau produced an erotic Calender.

Picture of the month collection

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