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New on these pages

New on these pages

Here you can find all major updates on one page sorted by date.

Periodically minor updates, e.g. meeting list or flea market, will not be reflected here.

March 2013 Our provider nexenservices will close in September 2013. All pages will be moved to http://org.oecc.at/. Webmasters please change your links to our pages.
August 18th, 2007 OECC Gallery:
History of "Hollareithulliöh" all stickers of the Austrian national Meeting since 1975
April 17th, 2006 Cleaned the link page
Dezember 2005 Erotic 2CV-Calendar
June 20th, 2002 Cleaned the link page
April 1st, 2002

We transfered all our pages from Geocities to Nexen Services. If you are a webmaster an have links to the OECC homepage please link to http://www.oecc.org/. If you are linking to subpages change the links from geocities.com/oecc_at/ (or /Paris/2038/ ) to the new page at oecc.nexenservices.com. Note that all pages on this server have the extensions .php

We changed the layout of our pages and added a dynamic tree menu. Thanks to Ulf Wendel for his work on the PHP Pear classes and his redsys_menu which I used as a base for the menu on this site.

Dez 7th, 2001 The 2CV Calendar 2002 by Hannes Hromadka
July 13, 2001 New Site:
CitroNews: moved to another server.
March 21, 2001 New Site:
CitroNews: A News site for classic Citroën
Dez 19th, 2000 The 2CV Calendar 2001 by Hannes Hromadka
May 15th, 2000 Neue Homepage of a Club:
s' Ländle Äntle
January 20th, 2000 New Site:
2CVTravelling by Eva Kretschy
November 22nd 1999 Updates and Extension of the "Personal Collections "
The Citroëns of Andi Dekassian.
July 29th, 98 Extension in the Personal Collection gallery
Vergangenes, Gegenwärtiges und Träume von Stefan Zedlacher.
June 30th 1998 OECC Gallery:
50th birthday of the 2CV at St.Quentin en Yvelines by SLOTEN
April 13th, 98 Extension in the Personal Collection gallery
Pictures of the DS ofMichael Lindner.
The cars of SLOTEN.
April 9th, 98 Another extension in the picture gallery
Come and see the Personal Collections of Citroën cars of OECC members
March 98 New links to local Clubs
changes and extension in gallery
ORGA decoder revised for use with different Java versions
some minor changes
December 19th, 97 OECC Gallery:
New design, added exhibition "Winter in Austria"
August 27th, 97 14th International Meeting of 2CV Friends in Austria
May 21st, 97 New Narizin article
The secrets behind the ORGA number. With Decoder to get the production date.
April 29th, 97 OECC news ticker added
March 10th, 97 Narizin: Type overview of A-models after 1963
February 6th, 97 Narizin: AeroDyanic Test Objects: Attempt to improve the aerodynamics of a Dyane
Gallery: Impressions of Raid Morocco 1994
January 29th, 97 The OECC Gallery expanded.
December 11th, 96 A collection of all pictures of the month from the year 1996.
Thanks to Blair Anderson who provided web space at the Citroën Connection.
November 25th, 96 Layout of Homepage changed
The OECC Gallery has opened.
English area in the Narizin added
November 6th, 96 An article about 3rd Raid Australia: The Spirit of Citroën ? Taken from A.C.E. club magazine No.37 Perth WA -
Thanks to the contributor, Kevin Lee
October 21st, 96 Guestbook repaired again. Lpage.com restored their server after a crash. Now it's faster, but all forms and scripts have been changed. Modified all affected OECC pages.
October 14th, 96 My E-Mail address in the office has changed.
It's Hannes  at  Dyane.sie.siemens.at now
(the .co. in the domain is removed)
Added a few links.
August 6th, 96 Guestbook repaired.
Url Minder registration form.
July 22nd, 96 First edition of links to other 2CV resources in the net
July 9th, 96 English introduction to OECC available
Guestbook with entry form
E-Mail directory of club members
July 5th, 96 Structure of pages changed again
July 2nd, 96 Picture of the month
Layout reviewed
Links to Geocities added
This page
June 27th, 96 The homepage of the OECC is online

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